Christmas seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago, yet Valentine’s Day is in fact just around the corner. Shops and online promotions are filled with pretty pink hearts and dozens of red roses, all bidding for your attention. We’re one more of those places – you’ve got to love a pretty pink heart, haven’t you?! Or in our case some red ones in the window, that, in my infinite wisdom I used double sided sticky tape to attach to the window, meaning the girls in the salon no longer love me after having to re-attach them for the hundredth timeJ.

Whether you are loving looking forward to Sunday or dreading it to death, I thought I’d write about a few of our favourite products this week – ones that you’ll love no matter what your relationship status.

Let’s get the most obvious valentine’s one out the way – Youngblood Mighty Shiny Lip Gel £20

With names like Stripped, Revealed and Flaunt, Youngblood’s Mighty Shiny Lip gels sound like they’re made for a 50 shades of grey movie but are super wearable, ultra-glossy and give the illusion of fuller, plumper lips. The girls in the salon love them as they moisturise your lips, complete your makeup and leave you with soft and kissable lips (they’re naturally nourishing and packed with antioxidants to quench dryness and protect).

Blur away fine lines – Murad Invisiblur – £55

If I had to choose one skincare product to take with me to a desert island, Invisblur would be it. It’s quite simply my valentine. It’s great for lazy people, or those like me who are trying to juggle getting a toddler ready in the morning and a skincare regime. It’s so easy – it’s one product that blurs and treats fine lines and wrinkles, moisturises, primes ready for my makeup, and has a SPF 30 that protects. I love my Kryolan HD primer but since Murad brought this out, I always grab it as my go to product in the morning.

Make your Gel Nails Last Longer – CND Solar Oil

A Bakewell tart in a bottle, solar oil smells good enough to eat but is more beneficial to your nails and cuticles than your stomach (in all seriousness please don’t eat it – one of the girls tasted it once and the verdict wasn’t good). Dehydration is the main cause of gel nails lifting, massage a small amount into your nails every day to keep your cuticles hydrated and make your gel nails last longer.

Blinc and you’ll miss it  – Blinc Mascara £21.50

If you’ve ever had individual eyelash extensions done, you’ll probably remember the amount of aftercare advice and list of products that you can and can’t use to prolong your lashes. Mascara is usually one we recommend to avoid, however blinc is a new kind of mascara. Instead of painting your lashes like conventional mascaras, blinc mascara forms tiny no-smudge, water-resistant “tubes” around your lashes. Once applied, these mascara tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes.

Sometimes I wear lashes and sometimes I prefer the natural look, this is a great all round product that you can use on either and layer to get a more dramatic look.

Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Candles – £13

On the rare occasion that I have some free time I love nothing more than putting my feet up in a nice hot bubble bath with one of these alight. They’re dotted round the salon as well as my house (the pictures my bathroom just for some extra proof that it’s one of my most loved products). They give off a gorgeous aroma and once melted for a while (5-10 minutes) the wax turns to a warm oil which is super nourishing and can be used as a massage oil or moisturiser.

If you’d like any more information or advice on any of these products you can pop into the salon, call us on 01344771099 or drop us an email at All of the products mentioned can be purchased in the salon apart from Kryolan Primer which I can point you in the right direction of should you wish to try it out.