Aromatherapy Facials in Crowthorne

Aromatherapy has long been used as an an alternative to medicine, utilising natural ingredients such as plant extracts, essential oils and other aromatic compounds to alter peoples mood, state of mind and health. We use the very best aromatherapy skin care products formulated by world renowned aromatherapy expert and founder of clinical aromatherapy, Eve Taylor OBE to ensure your skin receives the maximum aromatherapy benefits.

Each of our aromatherapy facials take place in our individually styled, warm and tranquil treatment rooms each of which is candlelit and features a heated bed for your comfort. To further relax you we offer calming spa music or alternatively your own personal ipod to choose your own music. Massage features heavily with our aromatherapy facials and you also have the option to further enhance our heavenly and ultimate aromatherapy facials with treatment add ons.

Within our Eve Taylor aromatherapy facial product line we utilise three core specific skin care ranges:

Balancing: Utilises the harmonising benefits of Lavender and Jasmine to soothe and balance skin texture whilst Basil, Rosewood and Vitamin rich Avocado help improve resistance to bacterial activity to fight off breakouts. Finally extracts of Cucumber and Lettuce gently soften and cleanse.

Purifying: Has brilliant antiseptic and cleansing properties. The purifying range benefits from the antiseptic properties of Tea Trea, Cleansing capabilities of Coconut and pore purifying nature of Lemon grass whilst Sandalwood and Lavender help maintain your skins natural PH Level.

Soothing: A cooling and refreshing combination rich in skin smoothing amino acids, extracts of cucumber and lettuce alongside antiseptic and pore cleansing properties of Linden Blossom.

We also utilise the following Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Products:

Aromawax Candles: Much more than just a candle, aromawax candles not only smell amazing but have many other uses too! Specially created for salons as well as home use Eve Taylor candles are hand made from natural and sustainable plant sources using 100% plant wax and pure essentials. Once melted the wax transforms into a massage medium with fantastic hydration properties.

Serums: Aromatherapy skincare is now more active than ever, targeting specific concerns and improving your skin. Eve Taylor range of advanced serums use natural ingredients in higher concentrations in order to gain maximum benefits for your skin.

Exfoliators: Our Eve Taylor Scrub uses bamboo beads to gently lift away impurities and soya to leave skin feeling soft and refined. We also use a fruit enzyme ex foliation accelerator and bio ex foliation cream.

Massage Oils: We use a range of aromatherapy massage blends dependent on your specific concerns and fragrance preference, all of which contain natural essential oils.

Facial Oil Blends: Five Concentrated blends of essential oils formulated to target specific skin concerns.