The first wax i’ve had that didn’t hurt, thank you so much Kay


Not a stray hair in sight, will definitely be back.

Waxing - Female

We pride ourselves of the quality of products that we use and the skill of our waxing therapists which when lycon-banner-e1370028631782combined results in the most comfortable waxing experience. We exclusively offer hot wax for intimate areas to ensure the highest level of comfort and an option of warm (strip) or hot wax for other areas.

Buy a course of 6 and receive 10% off.

Area Duration (minutes) Price
Eyebrows 10 £12
Lip or Chin 10 £8
Underarms 15 £12
1/2 Legs 20-30 £19
3/4 Legs 30-40 £23
Full Legs 40-50 £29
Basic Bikini 10 £12
Extended Bikini 15 £16
Brazilian Bikini 30-40 £30
Hollywood Bikini 30-40 £30
Forearm 20 £12
Full Arm 30 £17
Nose or Ears 10 £5
Other - POA

Waxing Combination Offers

Area Duration (minutes) Price Price
Lip & Chin 10 £10
Lip & Eyebrow 10 £15
Full Leg & Basic Bikini 15 £36
Full Leg & Brazilian 20-30 £50
Full Leg & Hollywood 30-40 £50
1/2 Leg, Underarm & Basic Bikini 40-50 £39
Full Leg, Underarm & Basic Bikini 10 £44

Threading is a traditional method of hair removal first used over 6000 years ago. Using specially designed thread which is doubled and then twisted and rolled over unwanted hair, hair is removed quickly and easily. All of our therapists are trained to thread with their hands rather than mouths to ensure both hygiene and exemplary results.
Buy a course of 6 and get 10% off

Area Duration (minutes) Price
Eyebrows 10 £12
Lip 10 £10
Chin 10 £10
Lip & Chin 15 £12
Laser / IPL

Laser / IPL hair reduction is one of the most effective treatments for those who want a more permanent solution to unwanted hair. Our brand new state of the art laser machine features ice cool technology, meaning that for the majority of clients the treatments are completely pain free.

Area Single Session
Lip £40
Chin £45
Underarms £70
1/2 Legs £120
Full Legs £200
Basic Bikini £50
Extended Bikini £60
Brazilian Bikini £80
Hollywood Bikini £85
Half Arm £70
Full Arm £120
Back £120
Chest £120
Other - POA

NB: a patch test is required which is £20 redeemable against your first treatment. Results are not guaranteed and can vary due to a number of factors which will be fully explained to you in your consultation appointment.


Electrolysis is a great, permanent form of hair removal. Especially suited to smaller areas such as the lip, chin, bikini line and underarms, we offer diathermy, galvanic and blend methods of Electrolysis.

10 Minutes £16
25 Minutes £28
Waxing - Male

Buy a course of 6 and get 10% off.

Area Duration (minutes) Price
Eyebrows 10 £10
Nose 10 £5
Underarms 15 £12
1/2 Legs 20-30 £25
3/4 Legs 30-40 £30
Full Legs 40-50 £35
Speedo Line 10 £15
Bottom Cheeks 15 £15
Bottom Crack 15 £15
Bottom Cheeks & Crack 20 £25
Groin (front only) 20 £35
Male Hollywood (all off) 30-45 £45
Chest / Back 20 £25
Other - POA

NB a 10% surcharge applies for appointments with Kay or Arabella

Key Things To Know About Our Hair Removal...

  • All of our treatment timings are your actual treatment times, so please allow an extra few minutes to complete a consultation form and drink if you wish prior to treatment (if you’ve not completed one before), to dress/undress.
  • Laser requires a patch test  a minimum of 1 week prior to treatment.
  • We only ever use hot wax (also known as peel-able wax or non-strip wax) for bikini, underarms and lip/chin and don’t charge any extra for this.
  • For Brazilian and Hollywood hair removal we do ask that you remove all clothing from the waist down, this is to ensure that you receive the most thorough hair removal possible.
  • We recommend growing your hair for a period of 4 weeks prior to waxing as you will achieve a better result.