I never thought I could lay on a heated bed, relax for an hour and loose 3 inches. 3D Lipo is my new best friend.


I have to admit that I was sceptical at first but I was actually really impressed with the results. Great value for money.


Kay was really knowledgeable, made me feel at ease. Half way through my course and can’t wait for the end result.

FREE Consultation 15-30 Minutes £0
We offer a huge range of slimming and firming treatments to suit individual concerns. As every person is different we recommend taking advantage of our completely free consultation service where our expert therapists will talk through your goals and design an individual treatment plan to suit your needs. There is no obligation but it is the best way to ensure you achieve the results that you desire. 
Inch Loss / Fat Reduction

Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Wrap

Target: Whole Body

Shrinking Violet is a revolutionary weight loss wrap, unlike traditional wraps it works by lipolysis meaning that the weight lost during treatment is not just water but fat! It’s an amazingly relaxing, spa like treatment clinically proven to give real results.

We take your measurements, apply the specially formulated solution using massage movements, wrap using a special film which creates a gentle warmth, you’re then left to relax whilst the treatment works it’s magic (45-60 minutes).We finish by re-measuring and letting you know your inch loss.  We advise re-measuring at home as the treatment will continue to work for 72 hours, meaning your measurements should continue to decrease.

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap – Individually 90 Minutes £70
Shrinking Violet Treatment Plus Add on Treatment Whilst Wrapped 90 Minutes £90
Shrinking Violet Body Wrap – Course of 3  90 Minutes £200
Shrinking Violet Body Wrap – Course of 6 90 Minutes £370

Cavitation (non surgical liposuction) 

TARGET: Specific areas

Cavitation (non surgical liposuction) utilises sound waves to breakdown fat cell membranes in order to achieve instant inch loss. Clients usually see a difference from their first treatment but a course is recommended in order to enhance results. Its great for problem areas such as stomach, bum and thighs. Typically in each session we can target an area the size of 4 palm size patches, if a larger area is required a double session can be booked.

Cavitation Consultation  20 Minutes Free
Cavitation Single Session 30-40 Minutes £65
Cavitation Double Session 60-70 Minutes £125
Cavitation – Course of 6 30-4 Minutes £351

3D Lipo Cryolypolysis (Fat Freezing)

Fat freezing is commonly in the media for being one of the best ways to shed unwanted fat. By using a cooling applicator, unwanted fat cells are taken to around -6 degrees which causes them to crystallise. Crystallised cells are then broken down naturally by your body over a period of approximately 8 weeks. The procedure is comfortable and some even describe it as being relaxing.
Fat Freezing – 1 area 60-75 Minutes £120
Fat Freezing – 2 areas 60-75 Minutes £210
Fat Freezing – 3 areas 60-75 Minutes £300
Fat Freezing – 4 areas 60-75 Minutes £370
Body Firming / Tightening

Murad Firm & Tone

Target: Thighs, Bum & Stomach

Ultimate Firm & Tone! Reduce the signs of cellulite and stretch marks while increasing skin firmness and elasticity with the most acclaimed, results driven cellulite treatment in the world.

Firm & Tone – Single Treatment  60 Minutes £59
Firm & Tone – Course of 3  60 Minutes £165
Firm & Tone – Course of 6  60 Minutes £330

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Target: Specific Areas

Radio frequency skin tightening stimulates the natural renewal of collagen, delivering natural looking results with no downtime. A course of treatments are recommended depending on the severity of your current skin concerns. Typically in each session we target an area the size of 4 palms.

Radio Frequency – Single Session 30 Minutes £45
Radio Frequency – Double Session 60 Minutes £75
Radio Frequency – Course of 6  60 Minutes £240

Dermaroller (Microneedling) 

Target: Specific Areas

Dermaroller (also known as microneedling) is an amazing skin rejuvenation technique used both cosmetic and medically. Designed to stimulate collagen production it is particular great for reducing stretch marks and scars as well as improving overall skin texture and firmness.

Dermaroller – 1 area  30-60 Minutes £120
Dermaroller – Course of 6  30-60 Minutes £575

NB a 10% surcharge applies for appointments with Kay or Arabella

Key Things To Know About Our Weight Loss Treatments...

  • All of our treatment timings are your actual treatment times, so please allow an extra few minutes to complete a consultation form and drink if you wish prior to treatment (if you’ve not completed one before), to relax post treatment and dress/undress.
  • Some of our treatments may be restricted due to medical history, if you have a medical condition please get in touch prior to booking your appointment.
  • Courses are non refundable once started.